SENDI 2018

The event

With the aim of promoting the exchange of experiences between electricity distribution companies, fostering new ideas for the maintenance and development in the quality of services provided, Abradee holds, every two years, the National Seminar on the Distribution of Electricity Power (SENDI). In 2018, from the 20th to 23rd of November, the event will be held, for the first time, in Fortaleza, under the coordination of Enel Distribuição Ceará. The event will be an opportunity to discuss trends in our industry, such as digitalization, e-mobility, customer relationship and the regulatory model.

The Seminar has been held since 1962 and, after a period of 10 years, it will return to a northeastern capital. The last city, in the Northeast, to host the event was Recife, back in 2008. Also planned, in addition to the technical papers, are activities such as the demonstration of electric cars, Demoday (aimed at startups) and the Hackathon (Network programming development marathon), among others. The SENDI 2018 organization expects to attract around 4 thousand people to the Ceará Event Center.


It has been 42 years of dedication to the development of the Brazilian Distribution of Electricity Power sector. Abradee brings together 47 electricity power utilities - state and private - operating in all regions of the country that, together, are responsible for bringing power to 99.6% of Brazilian consumers.

Headquartered in Brasília, Abradee provides support services to its associates in the technical, commercial, economic and institutional areas. The Association also promotes courses and seminars and reviews technical publications, and shares information with national and international entities aiming at the development and training of its Associates, with emphasis on defending the interests of the electricity power distribution sector.

Abradee aims to contribute to the country's development through a sustainable and efficient electricity power distribution sector, offering quality services that are recognized by customers. Its vision is to add value to the utility companies, both for the customers and for the country, and for this Abradee is an effective development agent of the electric sector.

Enel Distribuição Ceará: The Host

With about 3.9 million customers, and responsible for 142,000 km of distribution power lines, Enel Distribuição Ceará is one of the state’s biggest companies and a reference benchmark for quality of service in the country.

It has won the Abradee Prize 6 times for being the Best Energy Utility of Brazil. and for being the Best Energy Utility of the Northeast, 10 times. In addition, she is always among the top ranked utilities in the Quality of Service ranking issued by the National Electric Energy Agency.

It is the biggest cultural investor in the state of Ceará. In the last 10 years alone, R$ 115.5 million were invested in 463 projects undertaken by means of the State Incentive Law for Culture (Mecenas), the Rouanet Law, and the Cultural State Fund (FEC). The company is also noted for its Abradee Prize in the category of Social Responsibility, having won the prize of best utility in this category a total of eight times.

In 2016, Enel Distribuição Ceará changed its brand name, which was previously Coelce. This process was a result of Group Enel’s global strategic repositioning, using the scale and worldwide identity earned by the company in over six decades of market presence.


General coordinator: Osvaldo Férrer
General secretary: Glauco Valério
Marketing Commission (Sponsorship): Gustavo Avilla
Communication Committee: Patrícia Varela
Infrastructure Committee: Odaílton Arruda
Innovation Commission: Luiz Júnior
Technical Papers Commission: Roberto Gentil
Finance Commission: Victor Hugo
Computer and Multimedia Commission: Oscar Garcia
Rodeo Commission: Francisco Queiroz
Hackathon Commission: Vânia Porto


With over 9 million inhabitants, Ceará is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The state is known as "Land of Light" for having abolished slavery before the country of Brazil and, turistically, for the brightness of the sun and by its daily stunning sea.

With its capacity for delighting people of all ages, the capital of Ceará, Fortaleza, is the country’s fifth biggest city by population, with about 2.6 million inhabitants, and has much of what the Brazilian enjoys: natural beauty, culture, music, plenty of fun and a wonderful culinary tradition. Whether it is to catch some sun rays during the day or walk at night, the coastline is one of the highlights of the capital.

The urban fringe of 34 km includes the beaches of Iracema, Meireles, Mucuripe and Futuro. Visiting the Beach Park, one of Brazil's most famous water parks, is also an ideal program that pleases even those who are not thrill seekers.

And in business, Fortaleza also stands out. in 2014 it was considered the eighth richest city in the country, in terms of GNP, and the richest in the Northeast. It is also the third richest metropolitan region in the North and Northeast. In tourism, the city has become the second most desirable city in Brazil and the fourth biggest tourist destination city, according to the Tourism Ministry. It is the closest Brazilian capital to Europe, 5608 km from Lisbon, and Portugal.

Emerald-colored sea bathed beaches, a bustling waterfront, opportunities for buying handicrafts, eating fresh shrimp and crabs, plenty of laughter at the comedy shows and the opportunity to dance the “forrozinho” step... Fortaleza is all this and much more.

Ceará Events Center

The Ceará Events Center is one of the most modern and well-equipped convention centers in Latin America, hosting events, speeches, trade shows, congresses, workshops, expositions, seminaries, sporting events and others. It is the most modern arena of its type in Latin America and the second biggest in Brazil in useful area, with over 76,000 m2, being divisible in up to 44 different spaces.

Address: Av. Washington Soares, 999, bairro Edson Queiroz. CEP 60811-341 – Fortaleza CE