To make a group registration, please follow the steps as showed below:
1. Download the archive DOWNLOAD SPREADSHEET
2. Fill in the spreadsheet with all the requested data, inserting each user in a line.
3. Send an email to with the title "SENDI - Group Registration", containing the completed spreadsheet attached, as well as the following information in the email body:
a) Institute/company's corporate name;
b) Phone;
c) Billing address(Zip Code, Street, Number, Country, State, City, Neighborhood and Complement);
d) Company abbreviation.
4. Wait for the answer by email, in wich you will find a bill attached;
5. Pay the bill;
6. Require the issuing of invoice through the email (optional step)
7. Wait for information of payment and registrations.
For each 10 registered people, there will be 1 bonus registration in the group

In case of any doubts about the registration, please contact us through our communication channels:

+55 (27) 3348-4740

+55 (27) 99700-6509 (messages only)

From 8 AM to 5 PM